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    You fill-in and send registration form.

  • Approval

    Your application will go through approval process in 48 hours after receiving your application form.

  • Confirmation

    After successfull approval of your application an e-mail with further information will be send to your contact e-mail. Even unsuccessfull registration is notified via email with details.

  • Login

    Login detail and youe EO ID will be included in your e-mail. You will be able to log into the system immediately.

  • Register Facility

    After log in please register facility to complete process.

Full access to system
Interface 2 interface

Integration manual

Integration manual is a document which describes data interfaces (APIs) and everything related to their implementation and usage. It is intended for those economic operators who want to communicate with Id Issuer system also through data interfaces, not only through Graphical User Interface (GUI). This is called system to system communication. You will find there detailed description of provided and requested APIs, how to implement them, how to authenticate and how use them.

Integration manual
ID Issuer

User manual

User manual is a document, which describes the ID Issuer system from the user point of view, especially its Graphical User Interface (GUI). Please read this document if you are a manufacturer, importer, wholesaler or first retail outlet selling tobacco products according to Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2018/574 obliged to use ID Issuer system and want to get familiarized with it and use it properly.

User manual for economic operators

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General support for IDissuer:

ID issuer Invoicing issues:

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